Cheese Lovers Can Get FREE Extra Cheese On All Pizzas from Domino Pizza Malaysia!

If you are cheese lover, you should enjoy MORE Mozzarella CHEESE Pizza! Yahooo... GOOD news, Domino's is giving away FREE CHEESE on all pizzas for September month. As it just valid till 30 September. So what are you waiting for? Try to experience Mozzarella Cheese contains creamy, indulgent and delicious! Recently my good friend and I enjoyed to bite our Cheese Pizza! So delicious and craving at Pizza!

Domino's offers the best promotion and there is a variety of selection that you can choose such as 2 Regular Pizzas + FREE extra Cheese(RM28.30), 2 Large Pizzas +FREE extra Cheese(RM47.15) and 2Xtra Large Pizzas + FREE extra Cheese(RM66.05).

Other than that, you can choose either one of two choice of combo where you share the pizza, side dishes and drinks with your beloved family or friends. For Buddy Combo, it consists 1 Regular Pizza with Extra Cheese + 1 Chicken Side + 1 Garlic Twist Bread + 2 Soft Drink Cans(RM39.90).

In addition, Super Combo consists 2 Regular Pizzas with Extra Cheese + 1 Chicken Side + 1 Cheesy Mozzarella OR Cheddar Stix + 1 Soft Drink Bottle(RM59.90).

It will be highly recommendation to order these pizzas or combo if you plan to have a party celebration and gathering, it is absolutely more cheaper and valuable price. Just go to the nearest Domino's outlet and dining in there or Take Away. In addition, you may order it via online at Domino's website or call 1300-888-333. It is more flexible for you as you do not need to walk out and drive to Domino's outlet.

You may check out the latest promotion at or follow their instagram at and Enjoy your CHEESE pizza. What are you waiting for? Just grab this chance to bite the delectable pizza!



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