My Love for My Family Wish List with Shopback Malaysia

It is a very pleasure to hear that ShopBack Malaysia is celebrating 2nd birthday which fall on February 22 and they delighted to share their joy and happiness with all bloggers. They will granted to the blogger's wishlist. Thus, everyone have their wishlist to be fulfilled. Well, I can't deny that I have a plenty of my wishlist. Otherwise I have a simple wish and dedicates to see my family happy and show their beautiful smile when receive a special gift unexpectedly. It is the most happiness where it can't buy with money. My parents have tried their best to fulfill my desire always last time. Especially, they have raised me so hardly as deaf person, give their education, scarification and dedication make me to be useful and good earthed person. It is my turn to thankful and graceful to have them in my life. Obviously, they make my life have filled with happiness and gratitude. 

Shopback's Giveaway for March is a meaningful month as Shopback Malaysia could grant my wishlist and I will be delighted when see my family happy. So that why I love to share things with my family to utilize it together. Sharing is caring. It is very simple! If you don't know how much RM you get in the cashback, you can check out about How it works - click link here. *Please scroll down to see my tutorial about how to use Shopback at my bottom post.

Well, you can see every item that I wish to buy with how much cashback that I will get via Shopback Malaysia below; 

1. Zebra Stainless Stell 5 ply Wok with Lid

[RM498 x 3.5% = RM17.43] Definitely, I believe that most of you have same opinion about homemade's mom cooking which is the most best and very delicious! No matter how many restaurant provides the attractive and drooling cuisine at outside. I prefer my mom's cooking because I receive the abstract which is her love. Well, my mother loves to cooking and prepare various meals for my family. As she put her effort to give a love by giving the delicious meals for family and love her meals. She show her smile delightfully. She looks beautiful in her ways! So I wish to give her a surprise gift which is Zebra Wok. This stainless steel cookware is a popular product, amazing durability and it can be considered to be a safe choice. Besides that, it won't give any harm or affect our health due to high quality stainless steel. It is high recommendation for household to have a must product. Head to

2. Golden Empire Red Sofa Bed

[RM699 x 3.5% = RM24.46] In order to make a comfortable in my living room, I want to have a comfortable sofa as it is one of the most important furniture piece even it is the most comfortable spots in the living room. I choose Sofa to add in my wishlist because my sofa is so old and have aged 10 years already. Now it is the turn to change new Sofa! Therefore I want to see my family feel comfortable when sit or sleep on the sofa while watching TV so enjoyable. Even it could make our relationship be more closer because my family always chat chit at the living room of my house. It is the warm house ever I love. Anyways, I love a stylish and modern design of chair style as it can reveal its innovative, attractive and latest trend. Besides that, comfort is one of the aspect for consideration.

3. Canon Powershot SX720HS Digital Camera  (Red)

[RM1399 x 3.5% = RM48.97] Nowadays everyone love to take beautiful photo when have a vacation with their digital camera is getting popular, then it is a must to get! However, I still prefer digital Camera because I love a high quality and beautiful photo. Therefore, I choose my digital camera brand, Canon as my favorite so I wish to add it in my wishlist. Normally, my brothers and I love to capture beautiful photo when we travel to some destination. Every photo get a meaningful and precious moment in its way especially it captures a once in a lifetime trip, or a picture that want to keep it as precious photo in the album. There is many types of Digital Camera in the marketplace. Thinking of how to buy Digital Camera? I will consider few aspect which I love the image quality so the photo won't blur and more bright and it reveals the beautiful photo in its way, In addition, Autofocus Speed should be included as it will focus faster and track moving subjects better. This digital camera has manual control which allow us to control ISO, aperture and shutter speed in order to shoot the quality camera. So cool! Battery life and memory is important to be consider as well. So that why, I love to have my own meaningful moment with my family when we have an adventure trip together.

4. SJCAM SJ5000X Elite 4K Wifi Action Camera (Silver)

[RM580 x 3.5% = RM20.30] I know that my brothers love to make a video recording on the vacation even they help my cousin and relatives to record video because they love to keep the precious moment in the video, but they love to play with their video very much. They always think of SJCAM SJ5000 camera as it is an all-around happy-snap camera on family vacations! I know that Gopro is very expensive. I glad that the SJCAM camera can be purchased at the reasonable price, and it is suitable for the couple, young students and parents who want to save money and afford to purchase it. I notice that WiFi features of the SJ5000 WiFi, honestly it is more dependent on personal preference and what you need as the camera to do. In addition, it can transfer to any laptop via WiFi so easy. More efficient! Absolutely, my family and I love to capture precious moments in the video recording for our lovely trip. Check out at

5. Clean Robot Aspirator by Seebest

[RM709.66 x 8% = RM56.77] Since it is USD 159.00, then I convert to RM709.66. Why I want this? I don't want my mother always be hardworking to clean the floor everyday until her shoulder get pain so much and has exhausted herself! My brothers and I always busy to work at outside so we don't have our time to help my mom at house in the morning and afternoon. That is why I wish to buy this vaccum cleaner robot to help her to clean all in my house and it can lighten the burden of my mom.

What you do with ShopBack website?

Shopback Malaysia can help the young, mommy, and mystery shoppers to earn cash back via used the Shopback's discounts and best deals on 300+ stores in their website. You can get unlimited savings when you can shop online at anytime! You can sign up at the Shopback Malaysia website: click link here. Must try this Shopback that it really helps me to save quite a fair bit of money while doing my online shopping since there are a lot of Malaysian shoppers always use the internet online on everyday.

It also help you to refer your friends who join you then, you and your friends can earn money together. Mean you get RM5, then your friend get RM5 too when your friend try to purchase around RM25 once! You must be patient when you will get reward cashback because they take 60 days to make the confirmation with their merchants when you make purchase online...

Step 1
Sign up for a Shopback account - (PS: This is my referral link, If you love to sign up via my referral link, I always be grateful with you)

Step 2
You will choose your favourite merchants store online at Shopback website, For example, you like to  click "Lazada" store.

Step 3
After you click on "Lazada" store, you need to READ the information, the terms & conditions and you need check how many % Cashback for existing and new customer, You confirm to click on a "Shop Now" button!

Step 4
You will redirect to Lazada website, remember you MUST are at same window only at desktop. If you go to another tab window, you will missing track link because Shopback staff have to find your tracking link to confirm your cashback...

Step 5
After you done with your payment at Lazada website, you will back to your Shopback Malaysia website. You can view the history of your cashback account like below;

Sorry, I don't have any cashback but I can show you about where to make the cash out.. First, you click on "Redeemable", then you notice a green "request payout" which be appear... Remember, you must have RM10 in your cashback account.

You need to fill in your payment of detail, so just add your bank account, then select "Bank Transfer'' in payment mode, at same time, you choose any bank; Maybank, CIMB, etc..

Yahoo! It is easy to understand my explanation about a step by step above? 

Ohya! You need RM5 bonus to update your account, how? Try to click on ShopPerks from your account, then you just follow three steps only; update your profile, click on a store online at Shopback website, and lastly, you better to try buy one things via Shopback and will be redirect to other website online, just like Step 2-3 above.

Shopback is very trusted? Yes! Because my good friend, Selina Wing who always use her Shopback website on many times when she has visited the Lazada via Shopback Malaysia on everytime! Not her only, there are some Malaysian customers also used it too! I should use my Shopback because I need to save a little money since GST and petrol have increased a bit in Malaysia now!

SIGN UP NOW below;
You can earn money a bit, so you can help your parents to pay the bills so easy, right?



  1. Great article you write! I like it! You think of your parent needs.. :) Keep up your work! Good luck to you ~

  2. So sweet of you to think about your parents. This shopback website sounds good. Can shop and earn cashback


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