Puma Night Run 2016 @ Shah Alam

Wow! My good friend, Selina Wing and I came back for Puma Night Run 2016 was a awesome event where it attracted 10000 runners who participated to run with Puma Malaysia. Anyways we were very happy to take part for this event as I mentioned that Puma Night Run 2015 where we could not run due to heavy rain and thunderstorm simultaneously. You could read my previous post. What an interesting thing that Puma Night Run organized the biggest event with the total of 10000 enthusiast runners which was held at Dataran Kemerdekaan Shah Alam on 20 August 2016 even it was one of the largest and biggest Puma Night Run of Southeast Asia too.

You can see many runners who wear a very light Green at anywhere in Puma Village!
Wow!! I saw a plenty of light green theme where we wore light green t shirt which filled with the excitement and energetic spirits. Anyways, this event was quite different if compared with last year's event due to different place where it would be held and we did not encounter any trouble like we had to collect our race kit last year. It indicated that this event improved their service and event much better this year. Definitely, many runners would be happy with this outcome result.

Besides that, we curious and explored the activities had organized by Puma Night Run. Wow! Firstly we redeemed our coupon at the redemption booth and got our puma towel and shoes bag when we arrived there. So many people queued up also.

There was a crowd around Puma Village at 5pm already. So we enjoyed to explored a variety of activities, gagdets' booths, and food and beverage trucks which attracted many runners where they need to eat some foods before the flag time off at night time.

One of the popular attractions was Puma Challenge where the participants had to maintain the jump when they move their body so that they did not fall down on the floor. It just similar with American Ninja Warrior. So cool!

Few runners who try the Puma Challenge

They like to check in the Puma Store
In addition, Puma set up an unique pop up store caught many runners' eyes to try out all new Ingnite Dual running shoe endorsed by the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt. The pop up store was a major hit among the runners as many were seen frequenting it to get a feel of the Ignite Dual. The shoes, which combines both flexibility and high energy returns, most of Puma friends who wore it for the run as well. It offered 30% discount if they purchased Puma products from that booth. By the way, there still had other interesting and music performance on the stage and I spotted that many of them enjoyed to listen the music and dance together. At the same time, they warmed up for the warm up session. Oh ya, my friend and I missed the brush tattoo due to many people queued up so long. So we did not get our PUMA tatoo.

Runners who do exercises at the Puma Stage
Anyways, we had some meal from food truck in order to have energy and avoid that we got hungry easily while wait the flag off at 8pm. There was really crowd after the day turned into dark slowly. We managed to view the beautiful sky (sunset with the puma balloon). So beautiful scene!

After that, we could not wait to start our run with the high spirit at the START Line to flag off! Especially few VIP launched the marathon to flag off at START LINE with 10000 runners together.Yahoo! It started!! We run so enjoyable! At least a lot of activities was still going on at Puma Village after the flag time off started.

Many of them were really enjoyed to selfie or welfie with their smartphone and uploaded their photo in Instagram around this venue.

Finally, we completed our 10 km. Despite we tired but we happy that we completed our mission with the motivation and inspiration. Clap clap to us for sure! Wow! We got our medal as usually once we completed our marathon.

Our black medal was quite beautiful than last year's medal. We never expect to witness the beautiful firework! Can say that it was our first time to see it during marathon event. Overall, we were truly thankful and graceful to explore the amazing event we attended. Really enjoyable and amazing! I love this event.

Puma Night Run 2016 did very well to ensure that everything turned into the wonderful event! We would love to join it next year and I am looking forward to see a best event Puma Night Run organizes next year. Do not miss the chance to participate it with us next year!



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