Exclusive Food Tasting @ MINORI Japanese Restaurant, Hotel Royale Chulan Damansara, Mutiara Damansara, KL

What a beautiful day. Chinese New Year is around the corner. Firstly, I wanted to wish you Happy Chinese New Year to you guys. May this new year brings you the plenty of the abundance, happiness, joy and healthy and success. I like a quote such as "A blank page and a blank book. Fill it up with your adventures and cherished moments for new chapter of the book. For you will remember everything. When the year will end on a good note. Have the most amazing and fantastic year" I was really honored to receive the invitation from Ms Farra who invited me. Thank you so much for this invitation. It was such a great experience to dining at the beautiful dining area. Glad to see some bloggers who was familiar to me. Of course, I was over excited and delighted to bring my good friend and another friend along.

Once we reached at the Royal Chulan Damansara Hotel which near with E-Curve. This location was a strategic and easy to spot. So no worries if you would like to visit it so easily. Started to wonder where we heading to? More excite? Let's going to see a place named Minori Japanese Restaurant in Royal Chulan Damansara Hotel. Wow! It was very beautiful banner of the restaurant which successfully captured my heart. Imagined that we wondered where we were heading with one way. So I love that a light banner which leading you walk toward to the restaurant. It was my first time I ever been invited to dine in at Minori Japanese Restaurant.

Finally, my good friend and I met Ms Farra who was sweet and friendly and guided and welcomed us to the dining area. Wow! Surprised to see many people who were bloggers and media arrived earlier too. By the way, we were delighted and honored to greet and meet Dato Jessie who was very cheerful and friendly lady for the food tasting session. She was the director of Minori Japanese Restaurant.

Beautiful interior MINORI
When we stepped into this restaurant, this environment was quite cozy, modern, authentic and luxurious and make us felt like that we were in the standard and luxury dining area. Well, it was located in the 5 Stars Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel. Definitely, we amazed and love this luxurious dining in Minori Restaurant. By the way, Dato Jessie introduced her professional and Japanese Master Chef Takahiro which prepared the fresh indigent to make a true taste of Japanese dishes. So that's why most of the Japanese cuisine had its own taste and uniqueness. Besides that, Chef prepared all dishes which was filled with love and passion to serve the best Japanese cuisine to the customers and satisfied the customer's needs.

Wow! They won the awards 2015/2014
Curious what was the dishes would be served for us! Anyways, Chef would recommend few dishes that was just introduced in the new menu. We could not wait and excited to see the new menu which served. We curious and wondered how was it look likes after we read the dishes name. One of the dishes was the strange and rare to consume. Wow! We surprised and nervous when 1st dishes served, we never expected to eat it because we never eat it before. We always curious and like to taste new dishes. So it was my first time to taste it. It was Cod Fish Sperm. Dare to eat it?

Cod Fish Sperm
You guys must thought that I was just kidding. Seriously, I was not just kidding at all. Firstly, Fish Sperm dishes was in front of me. Of course, I was going to eat it. Yahoo!! Hard to believe that I did. Dare to eat it?? For you guys, it might be a strange and rare dishes to consume. In fact, it was the rare delicacies and most impressed dining experience. The taste of fish sperm was quite different and special. Once you bite the soft white soft food, you had a melt in the mouth. Cod Fish Sperm was real raw and softness combined with chilled shredded radish, seaweed and scallion however it needs to dip with the special sauce and lemon. Besides that, the slippery, juicy pearl white food was actually sperm harvested from Cod Fish. Should give it try if you curious to eat it.

Foie Gras Chawanmushi
The next dishes which named Foie Gras Chawanmushi. As you could see that many Japanese restaurant served Chawanmushi. However, this taste of Foie Gras was more better and delicious. I love this so much. Of course, Foie Gras would be always melt in my mouth and more fragrant.

Yummy! So soft! I like it
At the same time, my good friend and I kept some food for my other friend who came late due to his appointment. Thanks to James for coming to help me and my good friend for the interpreter. Appreciated his effort.

Minori Rolls
Minori Rolls was the best flavour and quality sushi ever I consumed. It had fresh soft shell crab and grilled eel as the main ingredients especially topped rolled with avocados cream and mayonnaise. More delicious. Make us fall in love with this Minori Rolls. We always be to eat it more. So Yummy! This sushi was highly recommendation if you were Sushi Lover. Grab this chance to try it out!

Fish Collagen Mochi
Finally, the last dishes which was more sweet and considered as the dessert. Fish Collagen Mochi made from fish bone and fish scales. It could be called as Japanese Rice Cake Dessert or Water Mochi.We were very happy to taste the previous dishes with full of mouthwatering and craving. This dessert was quite special.

This is water mochi with the soya bean powder and gula melaka syrup
According to Chef Takahiro, he demonstrated to us how to mix our own Collagen Mochi before we started to eat it. Firstly, we need to cut the Mochi into 8 pieces then pour in the soya bean powder and then Gula Melaka syrup. After that, just mix it gently and make sure that the mochi was all well coated. It was the most sweet dessert that we consumed it so enjoyable.

You can eat it after you mix it together
Lastly, it supposed to complete the tasting session however Minori make us a surprise Lou Sang session as Chinese New Year was around the corner. All of us were very delighted and happy and love Japanese style Yee Sang.
MINORI CakeBalls
We love to see the cute cakeballs which was make for Minori to celebrate happy occasion. There was different types of cute cake balls such as Sugi Butter Delight, Chocolate Mocha, Blueberry Delight, Red Velvet, Oreo Cheese and Orange Delight. It was really cute and reluctantly to eat it. As the result, all the dishes was quite special had introduced as earlier. My friends and I enjoyed to explore new, uniqueness and creative dishes.

Japanese Style Yee Sang - We celebrated it so awesome!
Before I write off, I would like to say thank you to Dato Jessie who made us a warm feeling and gave us the best experience of dining for the special dishes at Minori Japanese Restaurant. You guys should grab this chance to taste it. Especially you are Japanese Lover who love to explore new dishes, come and experience to dine in Minori Japanese Restaurant. It is really worth. If you interested to know more about Minori Japanese Restaurant, please check out at Facebook Page and Minori Website

With Dato Jessie and Master Chef Takahiro @ MINORI
MINORI Japanese Restaurant
The Royal Chulan Damansara Hotel
1st Floor
No.2  Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7731 7611/ 7959 9099



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